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What it sounds like sets the tone.

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Office acoustics – an often-underestimated productivity factor

“Music is always noise-related, and often not appreciated”. – What Wilhelm Busch wrote in 1874 rings equally true for the workplace. Today, large open office spaces are often standard – and we know already “even relatively low noise levels create stress and affect performance”, as various studies have shown. Even in a two-person office, self-discipline is needed so that the other person’s concentration is not broken by normal work-related activities such as talking on the telephone or simply stapling or hole-punching. Fortunately, ‘office acoustics’ play a role in planning office spaces today, and there are many ways and means to optimise this.

So called ‘sound-absorbing partitions’ can be installed in order to create an ‘acoustically comfortable work atmosphere’. They improve the acoustic qualities of a room and contribute to a sense of well-being in the office, which is of course a requirement for remaining focused on your work. Ideally, acoustic parameters should be taken into consideration at an early stage in planning and designing workspaces. ASSMANN has developed its own acoustics plug-in for planning processes, which incorporates the acoustics of a room. In open-plan office spaces especially, there can be nasty surprises after they have been set up if the acoustics of the room are overlooked when planning. However, targeted and professionally-implemented solutions can be used to reduce disruption even after the fact, whether in conference or seminar rooms, at reception, in the canteen, or in large or group offices.

“In principle, every room can be designed with optimal acoustics”, explains Dr Christian Nocke from the Akustikbüro Oldenburg in his paper: Introduction to room acoustics, which is worth a read. The basic approach is always the same: replace sound-reflecting surfaces with sound-absorbing surfaces where possible. But not indiscriminately – even here, careful planning and a professional method are necessary to achieve the desired acoustic effects in an office. And of course, the appropriate materials and products are also needed.

At ASSMANN, the product selection in the area of acoustic solutions includes not only sound absorbers, partitioning systems, and privacy screens, but also acoustic pictures. They are a good choice, particularly for typical rooms – at long last, the eyes can hear too: instead of monochromatic acoustic surfaces, visually fitting images with a noise-absorbing effect can be hung on walls. As they can be printed to order, for example with the colours and motifs of the Corporate Identity, visual and acoustic aspects of room optimisation come together to form a clever overall concept.

In any case, the modular acoustic products from ASSMANN allow finely-tuned optimisation of the work environment when professionally and expertly implemented. You should therefore have a personal consultation when starting to plan an office space.