We are continuing to do "good work" for you.

We have taken into account and implemented a wide range of measures for the protection of our employees and customers, we are open and available until further notice and the usual ASSMANN quality from our services and furniture production continue from 08.00 - 16.00 daily! Stay healthy!

Up-to-date with technology

VHS Herford und Seniorengemeinschaft besichtigen das Werk von Assmann

Factory tours provide insight

How exactly does furniture production work? Which machines are necessary, and what steps are required to turn an assortment of individual pieces into a finished cabinet, shelf or table? How has Industry 4.0 altered the entire process of furniture production? ASSMANN is happy to open its doors and to show how its factory uses fully automatic machinery in the area of preproduction, applies ‘pick by voice’ to its picking process and upholds a smooth just-in-time concept. Adult education centres, groups of retirees and other interested persons are delighted to take up the offer of a factory tour.

In November, for instance, ASSMANN welcomed two groups of guests for a factory tour. One of them comprised sixteen students from the adult education centre in Herford. The group of retirees from Kloster Oesede/Holsten-Mündrup that arrived for a look behind the scenes at the factory was particularly large, numbering 40 participants aged between 65 and 94.

ASSMANN’s Birgit Niemöller, an engineer in the wood technology division, took charge of the factory tour. “Factory tours are particularly fascinating for people who retired many years ago”, she says. “They can catch up on all the things that have changed in the last 10 to 15 years alone!”