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STABILO CUBE Testimonial

Stabilo setzt auf Assmann Büromöbel

A company building sets new standards

Just three days. Three days to assemble and install all the office furniture for 100 employees. This is the exceptional challenge we set ourselves along with our specialist partner, ambiente & objectiv. An experienced team and good advance planning made the quick move possible. STABILO CUBE does away with the well-established spatial concepts of the world of work and, instead, uncompromisingly sets the trend of an open and creative work environment in an innovative spatial design. The building is black on the outside, making the 15.5 million euro cube appear all the more colourful on the inside. 

And of course it is colour that distinguishes this company, that makes what is still needed for ideas and creativity today: Pens in countless colours, for drawing, highlighting, painting, writing... STABILO International is a subsidiary of the Schwan-STABILO Group and is among Europe’s leading manufacturers of writing instruments – and has been for more than 160 years. Its anniversary two years ago was a good reason to crown the group’s successful work with this spectacular new building in Heroldsberg (Bavaria). Not only is its design sensational, the building also has certain “hidden values”: it is ecologically sustainable and was designed according to Feng Shui principles.

Doing the special interior design justice

The efficient IT department as well as about 100 employees moved into the Cube. Open office space, transparency, expanse and lots of colour characterise the building’s interior. We reflected the special interior design in the workstation layout and developed a suitable concept with our specialist trade partners. Thus, the open office space is home to twin workstations, benches for 4 persons, and single workstations for department managers, as well as conference rooms and meeting zones. Free-standing, waist-high cabinets and partition walls structure the space providing privacy between the groups of desks.

And if you want to know precisely which ASSMANN Büromöbel products were used, here is the list: