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Is your desk cluttered?

Chaos auf dem Bürotisch

The easy way to a tidy office

"A tidy house, a tidy mind." This proverb has lost none of its truth in modern office environments. But what can you do when the desk is again buried beneath a layer of files? And how is it possible to stop this situation even happening? There is no shortage of helpful advice, of course. And we've researched them and compiled the best ones!

The 4-field system

The 4-field system is a handy tip.  There is no alternative to working through the chaos if the desk is already full. So the way to proceed is to divide another desk or a section of the floor into four fields:

  1. Discard – Everything that ends up here can be thrown away.
  2. Forward – This field is used for items that need to be forwarded to colleagues or other persons, handed back or filed.
  3. Priority – This should be the smallest stack if possible. It contains the items that need to be placed back on the desk once everything else has been tidied up. But it is important to check whether the items belong back on the desk, and why.
  4. Immediately – Everything that can be done within two minutes, should be done right away.

You should also take a few tips to heart that help you maintain order: 

  1. An inbox makes sense. 
  2. Assign each item a designated place.
  3. Clear everything away once you have completed a task.
  4. Tidying should always be the last item on the list.

And now enjoy your spring clean. And keep it that way!