We are continuing to do "good work" for you.

We have taken into account and implemented a wide range of measures for the protection of our employees and customers, we are open and available until further notice and the usual ASSMANN quality from our services and furniture production continue from 08.00 - 16.00 daily! Stay healthy!

How good is your office furniture?

Büroeinrichtung auf den Prüfstand stellen

Things to keep in mind

Like all products, office furniture varies widely. The individual items can differ in terms of quality, and design is another major factor. But the most important differences refer to safety and ergonomics. Let's not forget: it's all about the health of office workers. And precisely this aspect should ideally be at the heart of any selection and assessment of office furniture. After all, what good is the prettiest design or a bargain price if ultimately they lead to a deterioration in performance at work?

Put your office furniture to the test

What can you do to find out whether your office furniture satisfies all the requirements of safety, ergonomics and comfort?

The experienced planning professionals from ASSMANN and the ASSMANN retail partners are of course delighted to offer advice and practical assistance. We recommend you take the Office furniture test at Büro Forum (text is currently available in German only) if you would like some prior insight into the quality of office furniture. The ten questions address the most important criteria and help uncover possible weaknesses. Naturally, the questionnaire is vendor-independent and as objective as possible. Büro Forum provides additional checks if you would like to put your office through a more demanding series of tests, for instance the Office Check (text is currently available in German only). And once you have the test results tucked away, you can set about planning sensible changes around the office.