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Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Neues Kreativcenter von Gerry Weber

The Gerry Weber Creative Centre – transparent and communicative

Fabrics, patterns, colours, and the right intuition for what women with style will be wearing the coming spring and winter. At GERRY WEBER, everything revolves around the greatest pastime in the world: Fashion. The heart of the internationally successful fashion label beats in Halle (Westphalia, Germany). But additional space was required to accommodate new ideas — including an overall concept for workplace planning, lighting, and acoustics.

The task: 

Repurposing a former logistics hall into a "Creative Centre". After gutting the entire hall, it was to accommodate 300 people. However, the renovation measures had to be completed in ten months!

The solution:

Create space for expansive working areas that are flooded with light and ideas. A place that inspires and promotes open, stimulating communication and collaboration, while at the same time leaving sufficient space for concentration and quiet.

The magic word here was "transparency". Ordered around a large open space over two floors are various areas such as the work areas for 2- and 3-man teams which are separated from yet connected to each other by half-height storage spaces. At this office, even the department heads have no doors: Their offices are transparent, because the exchange of ideas is explicitly desired. Furthermore, there are both open and closed communication areas in the Creative Centre which can be used by all employees.

Working hand in hand

For this project, ASSMANN was fortunate to have been involved from the very start. This allowed important questions such as "How can the workspaces be optimally designed?" or "Which acoustic elements will be used?" to be clarified in advance. Working hand in hand with the GERRY WEBER project team, we developed an overall concept for furnishing the "think tank", including an office furniture system which added touches of colour to an environment with an otherwise extremely clear and tranquil design.

Successful realisation

Innovation, comfort, and style – these are the values which GERRY WEBER stands for. Our opinion: The new Creative Centre reflects these values perfectly and authentically! "By collaborating with the companies involved in the project, we created a new Creative Centre which is bathed in light and features lots of glass — an attractive environment for imaginative and targeted communication", agrees Gerhard Weber, Chair of the Executive Board at Gerry Weber. "We can now allow our company to continue growing as we capitalise on the synergies and interact in open office spaces."