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We have taken into account and implemented a wide range of measures for the protection of our employees and customers, we are open and available until further notice and the usual ASSMANN quality from our services and furniture production continue from 08.00 - 16.00 daily! Stay healthy!

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Creditreform verleiht Assmann Crefo-Zertifikat

For the fourth time in a row: Creditreform awards ASSMANN "CrefoZert" solvency certificate.

What does "solvency" mean? According to the Duden dictionary, it simply means the "reputation of a person or a company with regard to their ability to meet financial obligations or creditworthiness" The definition on the German Wikipedia is slightly more detailed, and also informs us right at the beginning that the German word for solvency, "Bonität", comes from the Latin word "bonitas", which means "goodness, integrity". This is good to know in light of the news we have: For the fourth time in a row, ASSMANN OFFICE FURNITURE was awarded the "CrefoZert" solvency certificate by Creditreform Osnabrück/Nordhorn Unger KG. In doing so, Creditreform certifies that Assmann from Melle has outstanding solvency.

And what does this mean for the clients, partners, suppliers, and employees of ASSMANN? No dictionaries need to be consulted for the answer, as it is evident: ASSMANN's outstanding solvency equates to reliability and security, dependable trustworthiness, and long-term stability. Or, in other words: a great feeling for daily collaboration.

But why is the "CrefoZert" so trustworthy? There are several reasons. First of all, the company group behind the certificate, Creditreform, is a leading international provider of business intelligence and collection services. It has the largest database on German companies worldwide, more than 165,000 corporate members, a network of 175 offices in Europe, and over 4,500 employees. Furthermore, it has a company history that goes back to the year 1879.

In addition, the CrefoZert certificate itself, which Creditreform has awarded since 2010, impresses with a number of stringent criteria: It is only awarded to companies with extraordinarily good solvency — after a meticulous three-stage auditing process. Only around 1.7 percent of all companies in Germany fulfil the strict criteria. This makes the seal of approval a highly exclusive one (and us proud to have received it).

ASSMANN's certification was renewed based on a professional analysis of its annual financial report by Creditreform Rating AG. In addition, the data from its latest credit report, assessments of its current situation, and future prospects were also included in the evaluation. They were checked in a personal interview with the management.